Safe On The Whole

Our Work Health and Safety Management System was developed by Juanita Colgrave-Williams as part of her Diploma studies, in consultation with other industry professionals. We take our commitment to worker safety very seriously, and our motto is “Safe on the Whole”. Wholecore is a member of the NSCA, and actively promotes all aspects of health and safety among its employees through weekly safety meetings.

We understand that each client and each job is different; therefore we are happy to work with our clients to adapt any of our policies to suit specific site requirements. We implement our own systems secondary to and in complement with our clients’.

Being a local north west Tasmanian company, we are cognisant of sensitive environmental issues and work hard to implement and maintain environmentally friendly practices in line with the Mining and Exploration Code of Practice (MECOP). We endeavour to use biodegradable consumables, and all products are submitted for client approval prior to implementing their use on site.

Environmental Policy Statement

OHS Policy Statement